Traffic Committee

Contact Us:
The DCA Traffic Committee can be contacted through the
following e-mail address: dca.traffic@dearbought.com

Committee Personnel:
Chairperson - Dirk Griffin

Members - Rachel Dukich, Bernard Lepri, Barbara Muller, Monica Pirring, Karin Polzin, Chasity Schmidt, Tim Tongier

The Traffic Committee has initiated the petition procedure in order to get the City of Frederick to examine traffic flow within Dearbought and recommend safety and traffic calming measures.  Once we have the signatures required, we will contact the City and get them working.  They will present any recommendations in a public hearing at a future date.  REMEMBER!  Signing the petition is NOT an agreement to any recommendations being implemented.  This is ONLY to get the City to do the necessary traffic studies, etc. to create a baseline for the recommendations.  Contact the committee at dca.traffic@dearbought.com if you can assist!!

Click for the Traffic Petition to the City of Frederick

The Traffic Committee was founded to address resident concerns regarding traffic issues such as speeding, intersection safety, and protection of pedestrians and children on the streets within Dearbought. This Committee will work with City officials to implement recommendations made to address some of the concerns. Anyone interested in volunteering on this committee, please contact Dirk Griffin at 301-631-9064 or dirkagriffin@yahoo.com

This is needed to get the City to simply LOOK at our issues and consider them.  No work is planned or under consideration right now.  They will not even do any traffic study work without this petition.  The sooner we have that 50%, the sooner they will start looking!!  Contact Dirk Griffin 301.631.9064 or dirkagriffin@yahoo.com with any questions.