The Board of Directors is looking for ways to get information to residents. Please fill out the survey at the link below. The Board is also open to suggestions from homeowners as to ways the Association can better communicate. The link below will take you to a short survey on how better to communicate with residents:

Communications Committee

Communications Survey


Contact Us:
The DCA Communications Committee can be contacted through the
following e-mail address: dca.communications@dearbought.com

Committee Personnel:
The Communications Committee's responsibilities consist of three different areas: the Community Newsletter, the Community Website and the Community's entrance Activity Board.

Newsletter Advertisement Policy

Chairperson:Laurie Younkins
Other Members: Betsy Maymon and Dirk Griffin
Contact: dca.communications@dearbought.com

Dearbought Sign Board
Any Dearbought resident may post information on the Dearbought Sign board. Postings on the right side of board are for birthday greetings, and general announcements. The fee for posting on the sign is $5 per day. Postings are subject to available dates. Reservations are first-come, first-serve, based on payment of the fee.  To post on this side of the board, contact dca.signboard@dearbought.com 

Postings on the left side of the board are for meeting notices and community activities. These announcements are free, but are subject to availability. Dearbought DCA activities will take precedence over any activities in the greater Frederick and Walkersville communities.  To post on this side of the sign, contact dca.signboard@dearbought.com